Shalom at the Gates – {Allume Devotional 11/05/12}

I just have to share a really phenomenal thought that I recently heard. It’s been rocking my world since I heard it…in a super-awesome-holy-spirit-infused sort of way. I’m gonna make it short and sweet today, and let the word of God just do it’s thing.

In ancient cultures, the city gate was the place where pretty much anything of importance happened. Most all cities had a wall around them that protected those within and kept the outsiders out. So, the gate really became a hub of activity. Outside of the gates was where the sick were laid out. Trials and stonings took place at the gates. The elders of the city would meet at the gates. Commerce happened at the gates. The gates were the heartbeat of the city. Full of life, but also chaotic with so much going on all around.

*          *          *

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